The city of Harenis is on of the nine great cities of the Greater Arc sea. It is renown throughout Aestis as a centre of learning, enlightenment and scholarship. The city is the only one of the Great Arc civilisations that actually exists off shore. It consists o an outer ring of man made islands on which the Haren-Vals, or 'schools of knowings' are built. Each of the 22 Haren-Vals is a community in its own right, dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and many are fiercely competitive with one another. Each has a section of the Library of Harenis, which is situated inland and hidden deep in Donras Mountains. The Library of Harenis is the most complete archive of knowledge in Aestis and quite possibly in the rest of the world, rivalled only by the crypts of Dancare.


Haren Vals


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